Salmon Tartare

Payday is finally here! So what was the first thing I did? Straight to the grocery store of course! This time, let’s make something
quite healthy and quite fancy for snack shall we?

Salmon! I love salmon! From raw to bake to poach… It’s not only the taste that I love, but also the texture, especially in raw salmon. If you cut it correctly, it’s so soft that it will melt in your mouth. And just in case you didn’t know, salmon is great for skin care! It is high in healthy fatty acids, such as omega-3. They help the skin to maintain its proper moisture level, and giving it a younger look.

Anyway, here’s how you make it; simple, quick, and easy:

1 salmon fillet
1 tbs mayonnaise
1¼ tsp soy sauce
½ tsp srirachi (a Thai hot-sauce made of chilies and garlic)
½ tsp sesame seeds
½ chili powder

1. Use a sharp knife to slice the salmon fillet into small cubes. It is crucial that you use a sharp knife, because you don’t want to destroy the texture.

2. Mix the mayonnaise, soy sauce, srirachi and chili powder. Pour most of the sauce over the fish and mix it to combine. Right before you serve the salmon, taste it for flavor and add the remaining sauce, if necessary.

3. Serve with potato chips or other suitable crackers. Or you can just eat it as it is.

By the way, I like spicy food, and hence the chili powder. You can add more if you want. Just not too spicy. I think sometimes chili can ruin the original taste of the food.

Bon appétit!


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